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Living in a Living Universe – for Changemakers

Living in a Living Universe – for Changemakers

Price: $79.99

This course puts you on the leading edge of thinking today and equips you to navigate our increasingly complex world with clarity, compassion and impact.

The course explores three, major questions:

  • First, where are we? Are we living within a living system—or a non-living system? Where does the evidence of science point? In what direction do the insights from wisdom traditions point?
  • Second, who are we if we assume we live in a living universe? What is the nature of our identity?
  • Third, where are we going? As we awaken into aliveness and a more spacious view of our identity, how does that inform our evolutionary journey?

The course is made up of 15 modules each with a core video from Duane Elgin and many other great resources. It should take you between 7-12 hours depending on the amount of extra resources you explore.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Express clearly the major differences between the views regarding a living universe and a non-living or dead universe.
  2. Describe your sense of personal and collective purpose from the perspective of each of the two, major views of the universe.
  3. Describe how we might live differently in a world that embraced a living universe perspective. How would that change your everyday life? For example: The work that you do? The ways in which corporations would operate, advertise, treat their employees and customers? The ways in which local governments invest their public resources—in education, health care, social justice, and more?
  4. Define the key skills that you see as essential, both personally and socially, for moving through this time of great transition and living in this new world? Describe your views for “vision,” “voice,” and “community” that will support these skills. Are there other competencies, both inner and outer, that have been left out?

This course is available for undergraduate and graduate credits at Ubiquity University. For the full Ubiquity experience including small-group interaction, creative assignments with faculty feedback, extra self-mastery modules, mission change-project support and academic credits, contact

You can also engage with others in the Facebook group for this course – search for livinginalivinguniverse on Facebook and request to join!


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