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Locust Performance Framework Development With Real Project

Locust Performance Framework Development With Real Project

Price: $49.99

  • Section-1 : you will learn the basic concept of locust and standard features.

    a. Setup development environment

    b. Explanation of User, TaskSet and Sequential TaskSet

    c. Explanation on_test_start, on_test_stop, on_start, on_stop

    d. REST execution using locust HTTPUser class

  • Section-2 : you will learn how to use locust to create a concrete performance test framework to perform load and stress testing on your application under test, you will also learn how to integrate with InfluxDB and Grafana for better performance data analysis.

    a. Abstract HTTPUser class and usage

    b. TaskSet Modules and User Integration

    c. Loading Users from CSV

    d. User Login & Session Management

    e. Multiple User Types & Distribution

    f. Registered & Guest User Cookie

    g. Custom Logger & Step Load

    h. Event Hooks & Request Data Store

    i. Request Data Store in InfluxDB

    j. Grafana & InfluxDB integration

  • Section-3 : you will learn different execution model of locust which include master-slave configuration as well. In section4 you will get to know few extra topics of locust which might be useful for your specific project.

    a. Locust Master-Slave architecture model

    b. Locust execution with config file

  • Section-4 : Extra topics which will help to design your own framework and clear report analysis concepts.

    a. INIT Event, Tagging Tasks, Custom Client, Stats in CSV, Locust as library

    b. Unique Users Distribution For Master-Worker Execution Model

    c. Significance of Mean & Standard Deviation Calculation


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