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Management, Motivation and Communication at Business

Management, Motivation and Communication at Business

Price: $34.99

In our language of motivation, motive is established as the driving force. Motivation motivates people and determines the direction of their movements, their thoughts, hopes, beliefs and desire; needs and fears.

Motivation is one of the most important facts that shape human relations. The common goal of all enterprises, regardless of type, is to intensify people’s efforts towards achieving the goal. Regardless of the job, what is ultimately desired is to be able to do the job in question and to be willing and adopt the job. This is the motivation level of the individual who provides this request.

Motivation (motivation) is the process of encouraging employees to work and convincing that if they work efficiently in the organization, they will satisfy their personal needs in the best way.

In this course, you will find many more with video tutorials.

Motivation is the process of individuals acting with their own desires and desires to achieve a specific goal. Starting from this definition, it is important to discover the right sources of motivation for ourselves in order to reach our goals. Just as we eat sweet, salty and sour at the same time when our stomach is hungry, instead of being full, we are confused and nausea and stomach ache arise, it is a source of nutrition for the individual while reaching his goal in motivation. Being selective and consistent in the selection of this source, just as in our eating patterns, will ensure our correct nutrition. In other words, attacking everything while choosing the sources of motivation creates a feeling of burnout instead of increasing our motivation and decreases our motivation. Instead, it is important that we explore in a selective and consistent manner.

I missed a lot of dinner on the weekend. I am definitely starting the diet on Monday. Is it possible that you hear this sentence around you often? How many people do you think can start dieting on Monday?

We all know what we need to do to more or less increase our motivation. There are methods and ways we have created ourselves. But the real trouble comes not from knowing them but not being able to apply them. We have more or less experienced in our own lives that just knowing is not enough to be motivated. Here, our aim is to talk about how to apply what we know.


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