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Managing conflict with skill and confidence

Managing conflict with skill and confidence

Price: $44.99

Conflict is inevitable. It is a fact of life and most people are afraid of it. But you don’t have to be. Conflicts grow out of disagreement, or simply difference. This course will give you all you need to prevent or manage conflict, whether it involves you directly, or other people.

Conflict is immensely costly to organisations, damaging to relationships and disastrous for productivity. It might be an argument between a line manager and a member of their team, a personality clash between colleagues or even a power dispute between different departments. Wherever it arises, conflict is a major cause of stress in the workplace and it can lead to long-standing grievances, factionalism and absenteeism.

Confident conflict resolution skills will set you apart. Being able to handle conflict effectively, whatever the situation, is an ability that will help you to build strong, constructive working relationships and improve the overall performance of your team, group or department.

This course features easily learned tactics, clearly explained by Barry Winbolt, a trainer and mediator, based on his 30 years’ experience of tackling workplace conflict in different settings and cultures.

In a series of engaging videos, he explains the pitfalls that cause conflict and the patterns that lead to escalation. He shows you how to avoid those frustrating cycles of argument and resistance. He then provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating positive outcomes through conversations that build trust rather than dividing people. He explains why early intervention is best, how to deftly handle disputes before they get out of control, and turn them into constructive conversations.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of conflict, which will reduce any uncertainty you may have in tackling it. It will place you ahead of the pack; positive conflict management skills are a key component of leadership.

This short course will give a better understanding of:

  • A framework for handling conflict and disputes with confidence

  • Patterns of conflict and how it escalates

  • How to stop a disagreement escalating into a dispute

  • When and how to intervene in a dispute between others

  • The key communication steps you need to resolve a conflict

  • How to avoid confrontation and deadlock

  • How to move from confrontation to constructive conversations.


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