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Master Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views & Visualizations

Master Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views & Visualizations

Price: $109.99

Do you want to learn how to customize Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views, and Visualizations like a Champ?

If yes, then this course is for you.



Peggy K Fusselman says “I really like the way Abhay Sharma teaches. He cracks me up when he flashes corrections on his tutorials. I always knew what he meant, anyway. Looking forward to #4!”

Fred Magee says “Very good class with a lot of examples. There is a lot of ground covered in part three but the class is paced well and Abhay does a great job of keeping the information easy to understand.”

Pradeep Raja says “Helped me clear the exam with ease!”

Amos Tunsil says “Great information on deploying solutions.”

Param Ramanan says “Excellent information. The key is to practice the steps in your own environment”

and many more…



  • Welcome & What To Expect?

Create & Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Solutions – Understand Solutions

  • Dynamics 365 Solutions – Configure Publishers & Versions

  • Dynamics 365 Solutions – Identify Solution Types

  • Dynamics 365 Solutions – Manage Multiple Solutions

  • Dynamics 365 Solutions – Export & Import Solutions

  • Module Review

Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Forms

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Lets Understand Forms

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Form Types

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Specialized Form Components

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Sub-Grid and Editable Grids

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Access Teams

  • Dynamics 365 Forms – Use Multiple Forms

  • Module Review

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Views and Visualizations

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Views – Lets Understand Views

  • Dynamics 365 Views – Identify Views Types

  • Dynamics 365 Views – System Views

  • Dynamics 365 Views – Public Views

  • Dynamics 365 Views – Personal Views

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Lets Understand Charts

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Charts To Combine

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Available Series Aggregation Types

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Import & Export Charts

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Lets Understand Dashboards

  • Dynamics 365 Visualizations – Control Access To Dashboards

  • Module Review

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile Devices

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Devices – Understanding Mobile Behaviour

  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Devices – Create Custom Controls

  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Devices – Hide Mobile Form Content

  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Devices – Create Multiple Forms

  • Dynamics 365 Mobile Devices – Create Mobile Views & Activity Lists

  • Module Review

Next Steps



Did you know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Enterprise Business Solution that helps companies in Sales Force Automation, Improve Customer Experience, Field Service Management, Project Service Automation, Manage Financials and Operations for any business?

Dynamics 365 is one of the primary focuses of Microsoft and a lot of innovation is happening towards the improvement of this product and the companies who use Dynamics 365.

If you are a Consultant or an aspiring Consultant, then this course will help you understand how to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views, And Visualizations.

So, go ahead, enroll in this course.

Wish you all the very best.

To Your Success,
Abhay Sharma


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