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Master in python programming language(Zero to hero)

Master in python programming language(Zero to hero)

Price: $84.99

The Python language is EASY to learn, yet POWERFUL.

YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest – they are all developed using Python.

Learning Python opens up the possibilities of a whole new career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.

The course is presented in an easy to follow format with slides and programs.

I put in my very BEST to make it as easy to understand as possible for EVERYONE !

In this course you will get to learn from the very basics of python to an advance level concepts of python with the help of several programs and some python projects. So this program is basically designed for the people who do not have any prior knowledge of any programming language and designed for the one’s who already have a programming background and want to switch there career towards the python programming language. This is a course which will help the people in interviews also because the small-small concepts where people lack in python , I have covered all those concepts in this course.

I have started form the very beginning that why you should learn python, why people prefer python , how to use environments etc. till the concepts of Object oriented programming language and at last covered three projects which will help you in building your logic and concept that how to make a project in python and how to build your logic towards python programming language.

The projects will be consisting of all the concepts which you have learned in tis python course and I will be telling you how to implement the python concepts for making some easy and wonderful projects. And you will also be learning about some libraries in python with the help of the python projects discussed in this course.

This course covers all the following concepts theoretically and practically:

  • Environments used

  • Process of programming

  • Advantages of using python

  • Types of operators

  • Types of error

  • User input

  • Keywords and identifiers

  • Datatypes and typecasting

  • String and it’s functions

  • Lists and it’s functions

  • Tuples and it’s functions

  • Dictionaries and it’s functions

  • if else and elif condition

  • for loop

  • while loop

  • functions and docstrings

  • f-strings

  • if __name__ == “__main__”(main function)

  • File handling or I/O functions

  • Classes and objects

  • Inheritance

  • Project 1: Make a quiz game

  • Project 2: Making a guessing number game

  • Project 3: Making an app of library management system for college


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