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Mastering Agile Project Management – Advanced SCRUM

Mastering Agile Project Management – Advanced SCRUM

Price: $29.99

Nowadays, the need for the application of Agile approach and frameworks in solving problems is necessity. For the Agile practitioner to be a good in his/her job, it is not enough anymore to read few books here and there, but to engage in changing the whole mindset toward the Agile way of thinking and constantly perfects itself. Among many agile frameworks that are developed, SCRUM is most commonly used not only in IT but in many other industries. And knowing it, is one challenge, but being successful practitioner of it is even bigger one.

What you will learn?

In this course among many practical issues you will learn how to recognize the need for Agile approach in an organization, change management process, how to star with the first project in Agile introduction to the organization, what is and how to create product roadmap, how applying design thinking can help you create better products, about value-driven delivery and practical scaling of Agile with all its challenges.

Why you should take this course?

This course is designed for the people who are practicing SCRUM or are introducing the Scrum in the organization. In this course we will show you from the first hand experience what are main challenges of practicing SCRUM, and how should you overcome them. Furthermore, we will show you novel practices which can help foster creativeness by playing Agile games with the team.

Who are the instructors of this course?

Two Agile experts with:

– a proven real-life software industry experience,

– certifications in PMP, PMI-ACP and CSM,

– knowledge in system modeling and working tools and

– willingness to share the experience and knowledge.

In this course we will not burden you with a lot of theory, but we will concentrate on what is needed and could be applied in practice.


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