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Mastering on Raspberry Pi :Best Bootcamp

Mastering on Raspberry Pi :Best Bootcamp

Price: $19.99

This Raspberry Pi course will provide the information you need to Raspberry Pi

Learn the Raspberry Pi fast!

Install software,

Build circuits,

Make projects,

Manage your Raspberry pi


You will understand why the Raspberry Pi is such a versatile tinkering platform by experiencing first hand how well it combines:

  • open hardware, that includes wireless and wired networking and the ability to connect sensors and actuators,

  • the powerful Linux/Debian operating system, which gives you access to high-level programming languages python and c and desktop-level software applications

  • The flexibility of open source development software which, literally, powers the cloud applications that you use every day

  • You will find project ideas for Raspberry Pi

  • Much much more!

No previous programming or electronics knowledge is required.



Section 1:Introduction:What is Raspberry Pi ?

Lecture 1:What is Raspberry Pi ?

Lecture 2:Raspberry Pi Buying Guide

Lecture 3:How many models has Raspberry Pi ?

Lecture 4:Installing and Set up your SD card

Lecture 5:How to Install Manjaro on Raspberry Pi?

Section 2:Connect Remotely to your Raspberry Pi

Lecture 5:Installing and Set up your SD card —- Documentation

Lecture 6:How to install Raspbian on SD Card

Lecture 7:Enable SSH Connection

Lecture 8:Enable VNC Connection

Lecture 9:Learn to IP Address on Raspberry Pi

Lecture 10:Filesystem on Raspberry Pi

Section 3:What you will need

Lecture 6:Which component you need

Lecture 7:Troubleshooting

Lecture 8:Connect your Raspberry Pi

Lecture 9:What’s inside the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop

Lecture 10:How to install fonts on Raspberry Pi?

Section 4:Project Ideas for Raspberry Pi

Lecture 11:Raspberry Pi Enterprise Applications

Lecture 12:Make your own NAS drive

Lecture 13:Power Cat Feeder

Lecture 14:Stratux

Lecture 15:Build a Raspberry Pi weather station

Lecture 16:Get Whatsapp on your Raspberry Pi

Lecture 17:PiRate Radio

Lecture 18:Make a Twitter Bot

Lecture 19:Kodi media centre and IPTV

Lecture 20:Build a robot arm

Lecture 21:Build your own magic mirror

Lecture 22:Create a dedicated Minecraft machine

Lecture 23:Make a phone

Lecture 24:Train departure screen -Kiosk Mode

Section 5:Working with Terminal Commands

Lecture 27:sudo raspi-config

Lecture 28:30+ Linux Commands Raspberry Pi Users Need to Know

Lecture 29:5+ Raspi System Management Commands

Lecture 30:Network commands

Lecture 31:Misc

Lecture 32:Warrior commands

Lecture 33:3 Commands to Check Connected Devices

Lecture 34:Chromium auto load 2 or more tabs, and xdotool will cycle 30 seconds

Lecture 35:Install Webmin

Section 6:Python Programming

Section 7:C programming language

*You get the best information that I have compiled over 6 years of trial and error and experience!

*I am adding new topics every month. You can get first .


You’ll Also Get:

✔ Lifetime Access to course updates

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

Don’t Miss Out!

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!



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