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MCSA : Microsoft SQL server 70-762 Practice Test

MCSA : Microsoft SQL server 70-762 Practice Test

Price: $94.99

Update Alert —

03 Dec 2020

  • Re-Written Practice test -1,2,3 and 4 with improved English.

Microsoft Certification for SQL Server 70-762 Practice Test

70-762 developing sql databases practice test

This course contain 4 Practice test for Microsoft Certification exam 70-762 developing sql databases for SQL server 2016.

It cover 100% of Microsoft certification syllabus.

You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.


Design and implement a relational database schema

Design and implement indexes

Design and implement views

Implement columnstore indexes

Ensure data integrity with constraints

Create stored procedures

Create triggers and user-defined functions

Implement transactions

Manage isolation levels

Optimise concurrency and locking behaviour

Implement memory-optimised tables and native stored procedures

Optimise statistics and indexes

Analyse and troubleshoot query plans

Manage performance for database instances

Monitor and trace SQL Server baseline performance metrics


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