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Meditation – The why, what and other nuances

Meditation – The why, what and other nuances

Price: Free

Not only will you learn why meditation should be an inseparable part of your life, but also you will know the science of meditation and what it does to your body and mind. You will gather information about 6 different and most common types of meditation and their lineage.

You will understand the neurochemistry behind meditation – how neurotransmitters and hormones inside your body and mind change when you meditate. We will also delve upon the role of religion and spirituality in meditation. The role of body-mind-spirit and various types of meditation will also be covered.

In short, you will learn all that you need to know about meditation – whether you are an aspirant or someone who practices meditation. In the end, we also discuss best practices. The ideas in this course will spur you towards becoming an undying fan of this great practice and instill in you a sense of well-being. Please take advantage of the seven external links (Resources) that have been added to each chapter.

Welcome to the club of meditators – those who have heightened their vibrations and are more effective in the things they do daily.


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