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Memory Experts’ Tools: The Major System

Memory Experts’ Tools: The Major System

Price: $84.99


This is the fourth course in “The Memory Experts’ Tools series” and is dedicated to the Major System of memorization.

The Major Memory System, or the Consonant Peg Method, is one of the most powerful memory systems available. You will be fascinated by how simply and playfully you can remember lots of numbers with this system.

You’ve probably heard about the Major system so far, but in this course I tried to show you more about this technique, along with a lot of examples, so you can fully understand it and apply it to your everyday activities.

Created in the mid 17th century, the Major System has been used and continually improved upon for more than 300 years.

Tony Buzan, the man behind Mind Mapping and the World Memory Championships, wrote about this technique:

“The Major System is the Ultimate Memory System.”

This system is one of the most used by mental athletes. One of the reasons is that it is easier to learn than other memory systems and also it is fun to use.

The Major System can become your new mnemonic weapon that will help you:

  • To Remember Long Numbers;

  • Long Sequences of Shuffled Playing Cards(one or more Decks);

  • To Remember the Birthdays of your Friends or the Dates of your Appointments;

  • If you’re a student, this method will give you a boost for studying: Poems, History, Biology, Medical Terms, Mathematics or anything you want to learn.

* * *

This is the fourth course in “The Memory Experts’ Tools series” .

The series contains 6 courses(so far), dedicated to the most powerful mnemonic techniques, presented in detail and with a lot of examples:

1. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Loci(Memory Palace) Method

2. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Person-Action (Dominic) System

3. Memory Experts’ Tools: The P.A.O. (Person-Action-Object) System

4. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Major System

5. Memory Experts’ Tools: The PEG System

6. Memory Experts’ Tools: Memorize Playing Cards like a PRO

These courses can make you understand better what memory improvement is about, and see for yourself just how simple and handy this skill is. You will learn simple, but powerful techniques used by memory experts in competitions, that can help you achieve amazing results with your memory.

I’m sure you will enjoy it and I can’t wait to be your guide and mentor on this exciting new journey!

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer& Blogger at The Mnemo Bay


All published lectures have been captioned.

The subtitles of this course, automatically generated by the Udemy platform, have been corrected by the instructor so that they can be used by the students.


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