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Memory Management in Linux Kernel

Memory Management in Linux Kernel

Price: $34.99

Update: 16th Oct 2020: Added Notes/Examples used in the course

What will you learn from this course?

  • Physical Address space of processor and how to view it in Linux

  • Virtual Address space of processor

  • Kernel and User space virtual address space

  • Pages and Page Fault

  • How to convert virtual address into physical address and the format specifiers used to print

  • Low Memory and High Memory

  • Memory Allocation Mechanism – Buddy Allocator

  • Zones – /proc/buddyinfo

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation in Linux Kernel

  • Various flags used in kmalloc – GFP_KERNEL, GFP_ATOMIC, GFP_DMA

  • Differences between kmalloc and vmalloc

  • What happens when you pass 0 in kmalloc and vmalloc

  • Kernel Stack

API’s covered in this course:

  • virt_to_phys

  • phys_to_virt

  • kmalloc

  • kfree

  • krealloc

  • ksize

  • vmalloc

  • vfree

Commands used in this course:

  • qemu-system-x86


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