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Mentoring Masterclass: Complete Guide for Mentors & Mentees

Mentoring Masterclass: Complete Guide for Mentors & Mentees

Price: $49.99

Mentoring is a proven method for development of employees. Many organizations have successfully implemented Mentoring programs and have reaped immense benefits. Professionals who have received Mentoring through the course of their career have grown quickly. Mentoring accelerates the development of employees and helps them learn the tried and tested methods for success from a more experienced professional. Mentoring has immense benefits for the organization, the mentor as well as the mentees.

Whether you are looking at implementing a Mentoring program in your organization or you are planning to become a Mentor, this is the course for you! This course will cover all the key concepts around Mentoring and take you through a step-by-step approach of implementing it for yourself as well as your organization.

What will you learn in this course:

• Why is Mentoring more effective than other avenues of development

• Where all can you implement Mentoring

• Busting myths around Mentoring

• What are the key differences between Mentoring, Coaching and Training

• What are the various ways and models of Mentoring and when to apply which model

• Roles and requirements of being a Mentor as well as a Mentee

• Key skills required by the Mentors and how to develop them

• Success secrets on how to become an effective Mentor

• Tips for Mentees on how to derive the maximum value out of a Mentoring relationship

• Step-by-step process of Mentoring

• Preparation required by the Mentors

• How to implement a Mentoring program in any organization

• Best practices and case scenarios

• And much more

The course also offers many practical tools and templates which you can download and start using immediately.

Our team of experts has carefully curated the course content utilizing not just cutting-edge research but also drawing out of our decades of experience. We are sure that you will draw lot of value out of this course.

See you in the course!


Team Wizdom


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