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Metastrategy for Learning New Languages

Metastrategy for Learning New Languages

Price: $29.99

The Content of Metastrategy for Learning New Languages:

1)The Passion about learning one or more modern languages.

2)The Motivation and determination needed in your acquisition of modern languages ​​by applying techniques to increase your resolution.

3)The conviction about your success in learning one or more languages ​​thanks to memorization techniques specific to modern language learning.

4)The efficiency needed in your learning of modern languages ​​thanks to the establishment of a virtuous loop of well-being.

5)The implimentation of restorative and regenerative effects of sleep; their effects on your learning.

6)The increase in confidence as you set up your personal Modern Language Acquisition Metastrategy.

7)Productivity and happiness generated by acquiring the most suitable and specific skills for learning one or more modern languages.

8)The generosity in your acquisition by sharing your knowledge with others

9)Be a hub of communication and peace in the world, always learning more modern languages.

10)Be a hub of communication and peace in the world, being aware of all the possible dreams that the acquisition of one or more modern languages ​​may bring to you.

This course consists of 6 sections (81 lectures);

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Dynamics of Language Learning

Section 3: Elevate Your Motivation and Boost your Resilience

Section 4: Your Plan of Action

Section 5: Gradual Infusion, the Proper Memorization of Language Learning

Section 6: Conclusion

In 3h 11 minutes of videos, supplemented by 108 minutes of personal reflection and insights, you will be able to set up a strategy which is specific to you, a Metastrategy which will put you on an upward loop in the acquisition of modern languages.


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