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Micro:bit beginners’ coding course

Micro:bit beginners’ coding course

Price: $24.99


This course has been designed for parents of children who would like to learn to code using the BBC Micro:bit. The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket micro-computer which can be coded to show animations, detect temperature, transform into a compass and make basic games.

Who is it for?

We recommend this course for parents of beginner coders aged 7-14 but adults without children may also enjoy the course if they have limited coding experience. Activities will start simple and get progressively more complicated as children get to grips with coding and there will be extension activities available too. You can retake the course up to 5 times so the same course can be used for up to 5 siblings.

Learning objectives

Through this course, you will learn to teach your child to create animations and pictures, make a light sensor and nightlight, code a compass and make a range of games to be played with friends and alone.

You will learn basic coding and how codes can be combined to make programmes.

The course uses inputs, loops, if _____ then ___ commands, maths commands and more.


The course is split into 5 lessons but you can complete this as quickly or slowly as you like and the course will not expire after the 5 weeks finishes.

Help and support

We are on hand for help and support to ensure every parent is able to complete the course. This course leads on to our intermediate coding course, also designed for parents of children aged 7-14.

Technical requirements

For this course, you will need a BBC Micro:bit plus USB cable and battery pack. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase our Micro:bit PLUS box which includes everything you will need for the course.

You will also need a computer (Mac or PC) with a USB socket and internet connection.


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