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Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Administration Training

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Administration Training

Price: $94.99

Hello My name is Gurudas Patil (Guru), I am a founder at Critsit Technologies. I have built this Microsoft (Office) 365 course from one of the live training session. The best part because of the live session is that a lot of queries that you might have during the session might get answered. If you just know the basics or a bit more about Microsoft 365 and you want to be a pro then this course is for you.

We start right from the basics and move ahead in core topics in depth to see what happens in the background. This will not only help you to get a better insight but also help you in troubleshooting various issues.

This course is a combination of few Microsoft papers MS-100, 200T02, 201, 300T01, 300T03, 500T01, 500T04 & 900. This course covers lot of topics from these different papers. However it covers MS100 and MS900 completely. This will walk you through the basics of Microsoft Office 365 to the advance topics like

  • Introduction to Office 365

  • Licensing options in Microsoft Office 365 and introduction to Admin Center

  • Signing up for trial and adding custom domains (getting free domains for testing!)

  • Setting up VM’s in Azure for labs.

  • Setting up and configuring Azure AD Connect (Directory Synchronization),

  • How ADFS works with Microsoft 365, and setting up and configuring ADFS Server (Primary)

  • Exchange Online Settings and Exchange Online Protection.

  • Migration Strategies and Exchange Hybrid Setup

  • Running Hybrid Configuration Wizard and migrating mailboxes to Office 365.

  • Understanding Hybrid Mailflow, Client Connectivity etc.

  • Introduction to Teams, SharePoint and Security and Compliance Center.

and all this with hands on labs using Azure Trial/Paid Accounts !!! You will get access to all the Office 365 Documents and content in one place that you can access whenever you want.

This course is from one of the live 5 days training sessions which are worth INR 80,000/-. Once you sign up, you can get access to a live Q&A session with the trainer on a weekly basis as per availability.

Hope you find this helpful and the labs help you recreate customer scenarios to help troubleshoot better.

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