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Microsoft 70-331: Core Solutions of SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft 70-331: Core Solutions of SharePoint Server 2013

Price: $94.99

The new SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Exam 70-331 course provides the knowledge and skills to configure and manage a SharePoint Server 2013 environment. This course will provide the necessary knowledge and skill sets to configure SharePoint Server 2013. In addition, you will gain guideline, consideration and best practices understanding concerning SharePoint Server 2013.

This new course will assist IT Professionals who are interested in learning how to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint Server 2013 installations in the cloud and/or the data center. For those admininstering line-of-business projects working side-by-side internal business customers would see benefit from learning how to manage SharePoint Server 2013 as well. For those of you who are new to SharePoint Server 2013, this exciting course will provide you some benefit as well.

This course brings together all the features of using the Core Solutions in SharePoint Server 2013.

Some of the skills you will learn in this class are:

  • Monitor and Maintain a SharePoint 2013 environment
  • Configure enterprise search
  • Configure user profiles
  • Manage taxonomy
  • Secure a SharePoint 2013 deployment
  • Configure authentication for SharePoint 2013
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Plan and configure service applications
  • Create web applications and site collections
  • Install and configure SharePoint Server 2013
  • Design logical and physical architectures
  • Design an information architecture
  • Describe the key features of SharePoint 2013


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