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Microsoft 70-416 Implementing Desktop Application Environ…

Microsoft 70-416 Implementing Desktop Application Environ…

Price: $94.99

The Implementing Desktop Application Environments course provides IT professionals with the opportunity to validate their skills and knowledge necessary to design, implement, and support a Windows Server 2012 desktop infrastructure in an enterprise scaled, extremely virtualized setting. This course provides credit towards the MCSE certification.

This course is intended for IT professionals and is part two of two exams which validate the student’s aptitude to plan, configure, and implement Windows Server 2012 desktop services, as well as confirms the skills and knowledge necessary for designing, deploying, and maintaining desktop infrastructure services in Windows Server 2012 settings.

Some of the skills you will learn in this class are:

  • Designing and preparing the application environment
  • Planning and implementing app compatibility
  • Updating apps in desktop images
  • Planning and implementing presentation virtualization servers
  • Creating, configuring, deploying, and managing remote applications
  • Installing and configuring application virtualization environments
  • Preparing virtual applications
  • Managing application virtualization environments
  • Deploying applications to the desktop
  • Planning and implementing application updates and upgrades
  • Implementing applications security
  • Monitoring applications
  • Designing and implementing a resilient Remote Desktop infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing business continuity for virtual desktops
  • Designing and implementing a resilient virtual application delivery infrastructure


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