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Microsoft Access Advanced

Microsoft Access Advanced

Price: $79.99

MODULE 1: Advanced Data Management

Learning outcomes: A look into table relationships and referential integrity along with introducing SQL, the language database professionals use to manage a database.

Topics covered:

  • Referential Integrity

  • Table Relationships

  • An Introduction to SQL

  • Modal Dialog Boxes

MODULE 2: Advanced Form Tasks

Learning outcomes: Creating navigation forms and sub-forms along with some of the advanced form controls necessary to create a fully rounded user interface.

Topics covered:

  • Using Subforms

  • Creating a Navigation Form

  • Advanced Form Controls

  • Exporting a Form

  • Other Form Tasks

MODULE 3: Automating Reports

Learning outcomes: Create Reports in Access that can return data quickly by using a form to control and launch reports. Look at modifying form properties including combo boxes and link a query to a form.

Topics covered:

  • Creating the Report Form

  • Building Query Criteria

MODULE 4: SQL and Microsoft Access

Learning outcomes: Some of the basic and more advanced SQL commands here along with the concept of JOINS and sub-queries.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding SQL

  • Using the SELECT Statement

  • Using Subqueries

  • Using SQL Joins

MODULE 5: Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Learning outcomes: Using Macros and Visual Basic to create some advanced functionality to your Access Database.

Topics covered:

  • Macro Basics

  • More about Macros

  • Access and VBA

  • Building Advanced Procedures

  • Using VBA in a Database

MODULE 6: Finishing the Application

Learning outcomes: Look at finishing touches to control how users interact with a database using start-up and sharing options. Identify security measures by creating an ACCDE and encrypting a database with a password.

Topics covered:

  • Setting Start Up Options

  • Sharing/Splitting the Database

  • Creating an ACCDE

  • Encrypting the Database with a Password


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