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Microsoft Access Intermediate

Microsoft Access Intermediate

Price: $19.99

MODULE 1: Advanced File Tasks

Learning outcomes: A look at some important administrative features necessary for managing an Access Database file.

Topics covered:

  • Using Windows Explorer within Access

  • Database Management

  • Saving Your Files

  • Exporting Files

  • Linking Files

MODULE 2: Working with Tables

Learning outcomes: Further developing an understanding of tables, looking deeper into a table’s properties fine tuning data types and use data validation.

Topics covered:

  • Customizing Tables

  • Table Properties: Formatting

  • More Table Properties

  • Data Validation and Lookup Wizard

MODULE 3: Working with Forms

Learning outcomes: Building professional forms to enhance the user experience and improve effective use.

Topics covered:

  • Basic Form Controls

  • Advanced Form Controls

  • Formatting Your Form

  • Formatting Controls

  • Using Themes

MODULE 4: Working with Reports

Learning outcomes: Organize and format your reports professionally and common report tasks you may need to perform.

Topics covered:

  • Organizing Report Data

  • Formatting Reports

  • Common Report Tasks

MODULE 5: Working with Queries

Learning outcomes: Creating a range of different queries from very basic queries through to management queries with advanced functionality.

Topics covered:

  • Basic Queries

  • Doing More with Queries

  • Creating Advanced Queries

  • Creating Management (Action) Queries


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