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Microsoft Access Master Class

Microsoft Access Master Class

Price: $79.99

This course is a follow-on from the Introduction to Microosft Access course. The course explains how to create some of the more complexed queries, forms and reports in Microsoft Access. The courses content is listed below:

Using the Totals feature

Using Update Queries

Importing Tables

Importing from an External Data Source

Joining Tables

Table Relationships

Referential Integrity

Join Types

Using Parameter Queries

Calculations in Queries

Using Cross Tab Queries

Using a Delete Query

Creating LookUp Lists

Using the wildcard character

Using Option Groups

Using Tab Controls

Using Sub Forms

Creating Expressions

Creating a Combo Box

Sub Forms

Creating a Switchboard

Advanced Reports/Letters

Calculations across multiple tables

Adding Calculations to a Report

Basic Macros

Conditional Macros

Creating a Menu Form

Using Action Buttons

Customising a Database

Using the IIF () Function


Using the DateDiff function

Database Functions


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