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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification Practice Test

Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification Practice Test

Price: $19.99

AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam is intended for the Azure IoT developers. Enroll now and become a Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer.

AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer course is primarily comprised of AZ-220 practice tests. The practice tests are oriented to offer a detailed impression of the actual exam environment to all candidates. All the questions in the practice tests provide in-depth, proportional coverage of all exam domains.

Candidates can find a detailed explanation of all questions in the results, along with a clear outline of their strengths and weaknesses. You can find a total of 2 different sets of mock exams for AZ-220 certification on Whizlabs. Interestingly, all the questions in each set are different from each other.

The AZ-220 certification exam is tailored for offering an Azure IoT Developer Specialty certificate to aspiring candidates. Although the certification exam does not impose any specific prerequisites for candidates, it is important to fulfill certain conditions to ensure better prospects with the exam.

Candidates must have basic awareness regarding IoT solutions, their functionalities, and work in detail. Furthermore, candidates should also develop the required expertise in the development of edge and cloud components pertaining to an IoT solution.

The Whizlabs AZ-220 practice tests are comprehensively aligned with the significant domains covered in the certification exam. Here is an outline of the notable domains in the AZ-220 exam,

  • Implementation of IoT solution infrastructure

  • Device provisioning and management

  • Implementing Edge

  • Data processing and management

  • IoT solution monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization

  • Security implementations


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