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Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service Workshop

Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service Workshop

Price: $34.99

This is a hand’s on workshop for implementing state of the art end-to-end microservice docker based architecture using k8s on top of Azure Kubernetes Service [AKS]. The workshop will takes you through the steps of creating a Kubernetes cluster, deploying a Mongo DB & microservices-based application, load balancing and securing inbound traffic, scaling option in aks and how can you monitor your cluster in production environment.

At the end of this workshop you will understand AKS inside out, and will be able to design and implement production ready Kubernetes clusters.

The K8s cluster will be hosted on AKS and integrated with azure container register for hosting the container images. AKS RBAC and Azure Active directory will be used to authenticate and authorize access to the AKS cluster and Azure monitor will be used to monitor the cluster.

Any application can be hosted on this cluster, but for the sake of this workshop, we will be using a ready-made sample application from github. A rating website.


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