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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) &Power Platform Training (2021)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) &Power Platform Training (2021)

Price: $89.99

Do you want to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps Consultant? Do you want to learn Common Data Service aka Dataverse? Then the course is right for you. The course follows a case study based approach to help students learn concepts in the most practical way possible. Also, it is necessary to learn the beginner course before you pursue any other development course regarding Dynamics 365. This course will also help you clear MB 200/PL 200 certification exam.

  1. Targeted for beginners.

  2. Concentration on hands-on.

  3. Case study based approach.

  4. You will be able to crack the MB 200 Certification exam.

  5. Lifetime access.

  6. This is a live course. Topics will be added or removed as per industry demand.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the course for any reason, you can get your money back, no questions asked.


No prerequisites needed. Just a basic understanding of software & business is enough.

What you are going to learn?


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Case Study Driven Approach

Lecture 3: Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Lecture 4: Creation of Trial Account

Lecture 5: Introduction to Power Platform

Lecture 6: Introduction to Dynamics 365

Lecture 7: Model-driven Vs Canvas Apps

Lecture 8: Introduction to Model-Driven Apps

Section 2: Dynamics 365 Admin Center

Lecture 9: Introduction to Admin Center and Environments

Lecture 10: Enabling Early Access Features

Section 3:Common Data Service

Lecture 11: Components of CDS

Lecture 12: Creating Solution and Publisher

Lecture 13: Creating App and Sitemap

Lecture 14: Customizing an Existing Entity

Lecture 15: ER Modeling

Lecture 16: Creating a Custom Entity

Lecture 17: Adding Attributes

Lecture 18: Form Structure

Lecture 19: Custom Entity and Option Sets

Section 4: Relationships

Lecture 20: Introduction to Relationships

Lecture 21: Creating a 1 to N Relationship

Lecture 22: Introduction to Relationship Behaviour

Lecture 23: Relationship Behaviour Case Study Northwind Approach

Lecture 24: Relationship Mapping

Lecture 25: Introduction to Hierarchy Relationship

Lecture 26: Creating a Hierarchy Relationship

Lecture 27: Many to Many Relationships

Lecture 28: Creating a Many to Many Relationship

Lecture 29: Connections and Connection Roles

Section 5: Views

Lecture 30: Introduction to Views

Lecture 31: Creating a View

Lecture 32: Types of Views

Lecture 33: Quick Find Views

Lecture 34: Personal Views

Section 6: Advanced Field Types

Lecture 35: Calculated Fields

Lecture 36: Rollup Fields

Section 7: Form Types

Lecture 37: Main Form

Lecture 38: Quick Create Form

Lecture 39: Quick View Form

Section 8: Security

Lecture 40: Introduction to Security

Lecture 41: Adding a user

Lecture 42: Users and Ownership

Lecture 43: Business Units

Lecture 44: Introduction to Security Roles

Lecture 45: Deep Dive into Security Roles

Lecture 46: Demo on Security in Dynamics 365

Lecture 47: Northwind Assignment

Lecture 48: Sharing feature in Dynamics 365

Lecture 49: Owner Teams

Lecture 50: Access Teams

Lecture 51: Field Security

Lecture 52: Introduction to Hierarchy Security- Manager

Lecture 53: Hierarchy Security- Position

Section 9: Reporting

Lecture 54: Introduction to Charts

Lecture 55: Classic Dashboards

Lecture 56: Examples of Charts

Lecture 57: Interactive Dashboards

Lecture 58: Creating Interactive Dashboards

Section 10: Power BI

Lecture 59: Introduction to Power BI

Lecture 60: Creating a Power BI Dashboard

Section 11: Processes

Lecture 61: Introduction to Processes

Lecture 62: Creating a Workflow

Lecture 63: Deep Dive into Workflows

Lecture 64: Creating a Northwind Email using Workflow

Lecture 65: Northwind Auto-populate Workflow

Lecture 66: Wait Condition

Lecture 67: Timeout Condition

Lecture 68: Introduction to BPF

Lecture 69: BPF Extensions

Section 12: Power Automate

Lecture 70: Introduction to Power Automate

Lecture 71: Creating a Power Automate Flow

Lecture 72: Approval flows in Power Automate

Section 13: Data Management

Lecture 73: Data Import Wizard

Lecture 74: Data Import Wizard Advanced

Lecture 75: Data Import Template

Lecture 76: Duplicate Detection Rules

Lecture 77: Duplicate Detection Jobs

Lecture 78: Introduction to Auditing

Section 14: Templates

Lecture 79: Email Template

Lecture 80: Document Templates

Section 15: Search Capabilities

Lecture 81: Introduction to Search Capabilities and Categorized Search

Lecture 82: Relevance Search

Section 16: Localization

Lecture 83: Languages

Lecture 84: Field Translations

Lecture 85: Currency

Section 17: Solutions

Lecture 86: Solutions

Lecture 87: Unmanaged VS Managed Solution

Lecture 88: Exporting a Managed Solution

Lecture 89: Deleting a Solution

Lecture 90: Patch in Solution

Section 18: Additional Topics

Lecture 91: Data Encryption


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