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Microsoft Excel for Data Analysts

Microsoft Excel for Data Analysts

Price: $29.99

Excel is by far the world’s most popular spreadsheet program and is useful for everything from maintaining simple household budgets to building sophisticated financial, models or designing complex dashboards. Analyzing Business Data with Excel shows you how to solve real-world business problems by taking Excel’s data analysis features to the maximum, rather than focusing on individual Excel functions and features.

This course would be very useful to participants across various industries and functional specializations such as MIS, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Relations, Information Technology and Administration.

This interactive training targets specific business situations and then demonstrates how to create spreadsheets for those problem areas. Attend these extraordinary, information-packed, powerful sessions to increase your productivity, improve the quality, accuracy & make a better report.

This course is recommended for end users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2013 at an advanced level or seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Microsoft Excel 2013.

In this course, we will cover the various topics about the Microsoft Excel 2013 such as:

  • How to navigate through worksheets and understanding cell references

  • Excel protection Features

  • Frequently used functions in Excel

  • How to handle conditional structures using If functions.

  • Nested if conditions

  • How to create multiple series chart.

  • Lookup Functions

The above all concepts are explained briefly in the hands-on video lectures. In this course, you can also get access to the Simulated practice exams, exercises, additonal materials and data sets which is very useful to know how these tools and techniques are applicable in the real time scenarios.


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