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Microsoft Power Automate With AI Builder

Microsoft Power Automate With AI Builder

Price: $19.99

In this course ,

You will learn, How to work with AI Builders using Power Automate .

AI Builder : is a new Microsoft Power Platform capability that enables you to add intelligence to your automated processes, predict outcomes, and help to improve business performance.

By using AI Builder, you can quickly bring Artificial intelligence to your apps and flows that connect to your business data that is stored in the underlying data platform (Microsoft Dataverse) or in various cloud data sources, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, or Azure.

By using Ai Builder , it is very Easily to build, train, and publish AI models without writing a single line of code.

AI Builder also provides prebuilt AI models, where you don’t need to gather data to build and train the model.

Two available areas under AI Builder in the left side menu are:

· Build – Where you create and get started by using AI models.

· Models – Where your created and shared models.

By Using AI Builder We can:

· Analyze text for classification, key phrases, language, and sentiment analysis.

· Predict whether something will happen.

· Process business card information.

· Process text from images.

· Read and save information from standard documents.

· Recognize and count items in images.

1) Introduction of AI Builders

2)Invoice process with AI Builder

3) Receipt processing with AI Builder

4) Text Recognition with AI Builder

5) Business Card Model with AI Builder

6) Entity Extraction Model With AI Builder

7) Key Phrase Extraction Model With AI Builder

8) Language Detection with AI Builder

9) Object Detection with AI Builder

10) Sentimental Analysis Model with AI Builder


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