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Microsoft Provisioning SQL Databases | 70-765 Exam

Microsoft Provisioning SQL Databases | 70-765 Exam

Price: $19.99

Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 160+.

Microsoft Provisioning SQL Databases | 70-765 Test series

It cover 100% of Microsoft 70-765 certification syllabus.

Exam Topics:

Implement SQL in Azure (40–45%)

  • Deploy a Microsoft Azure SQL Database

    • Choose a service tier, create servers and databases, create a sysadmin account, configure elastic pools

  • Plan for SQL Server installation

    • Plan for an IaaS or on-premises deployment, select the appropriate size for a virtual machine, plan storage pools based on performance requirements, evaluate best practices for installation, design a storage layout for a SQL Server virtual machine

  • Deploy SQL Server instances

    • Deploy a SQL Server instance in IaaS and on-premises, manually install SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine, provision an Azure Virtual Machine to host a SQL Server instance, automate the deployment of SQL Server databases, deploy SQL Server by using templates

  • Deploy SQL Server databases to Azure virtual machines

    • Migrate an on-premises SQL Server database to an Azure virtual machine, generate benchmark data for performance needs, perform performance tuning on Azure IaaS, support availability sets in Azure

Manage databases and instances (30-35%)

  • Configure secure access to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases

    • Configure firewall rules, configure Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database, configure cell-level encryption, configure dynamic data masking, configure transparent data encryption (TDE)

  • Configure SQL Server performance settings

    • Configure database performance settings, configure max server memory, configure the database scope, configure operators and alerts

  • Manage SQL Server instances

    • Create databases, manage files and file groups, manage system database files, configure tempdb

Manage Storage (30–35%)

  • Manage SQL Storage

    • Manage SMB file shares, manage stretch databases, configure Azure storage, change service tiers, review wait statistics, manage storage pools, recover from failed storage

  • Perform database maintenance

    • Monitor DMVs, maintain indexes, automate maintenance tasks, update statistics, verify database integrity, recover from database corruption


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