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Microsoft SQL Database Bootcamp: Get Microsoft Certified

Microsoft SQL Database Bootcamp: Get Microsoft Certified

Price: $124.99

If you have always wanted to learn about SQL databases but didn’t know where to start this course is for you.

We start at the very basics and walk you through all the configurations step-by-step. You learn:

  • How data is stored in tables
  • Understand Relational Database Concepts
  • Understand Tables and How to Create Them
  • Insert, Delete and Update Data
  • Database Security Concepts
  • Database Backups and Restore

All examples are configured on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 which you can download via a free trial. This is the edition you will be tested on if you choose to take the Microsoft MTA Database Exam (98-364). You can follow along with the instructor and create your own database.

This is your first step to becoming a database engineer. It leads to the MCSA or MCSE Data Platform certifications.

The course is delivered by Microsoft Expert Toby Lawrence who has taught thousands of students from all over the world on Microsoft subjects.


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