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Microsoft Teams for Education: A Guide for Teachers & Staff

Microsoft Teams for Education: A Guide for Teachers & Staff

Price: $79.99

At Competitive Computing Consultants, we have brought our training expertise to Microsoft Teams for Education to help you through this new and exciting journey.

This series focuses on the unique tools created specifically for schoolroom learning, including collaborative classroom spaces, professional learning communities and staff workspaces. We can help educators save time by understanding the Assignments and Quizzes feature in Teams for Education. How to use a Class notebook to distribute content to students quickly and easily, and how to engage parents and guardians by sharing student work or meet in virtual meeting spaces. Teams for Education allows teachers the ability to stay connected to their classroom and their students from any location globally, on any device they have on hand, anytime they need it.

Learn how to communicate, collaborate and work effectively and efficiently using Microsoft Teams for Education. Whether you are working with others, or on your own, Microsoft Teams allows you to stay connected with your students, colleagues, parents, and guardians from a centralized Collaboration Hub.

Please note before getting started with this course, you should have an understanding of Microsoft Teams fundamentals, which you can learn from our original Microsoft Team’s for Business Users Course.

This course will focus on the features that help you run an effective and welcoming virtual classroom experience.

Section 1: Introduction to Teams for Education

Section 2: The Teams Workspaces

Section 3: The Class Notebook

Section 4: The Virtual Classroom

Section 5: Assignments

Section 6: Quizzes

Section 7: Managing Students Grades

Section 8: Managing Your Classroom

Section 9: Conclusion


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