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Milestone Xprotect VMS from scratch : Pre sales & technical

Milestone Xprotect VMS from scratch : Pre sales & technical

Price: $49.99

Milestone Xprotect VMS from scratch course, provides all the knowledge about Milestone Xprotect Corporate ,Milestone Xprotext Expert , Milestone Xprotect Professional+ ,Milestone Xprotect Express+ & Milestone Xprotect Essential+, that will help you to identify Milestone products that fits your needs ,and also you will be able to generate a bill of materials of Xprotect Milestone Licenses needed , and you will be able to install and interact with Xprotect Milestone CCTV systems

Many of the concepts covered here are reflected in the Milestone CCTV Certified Design Engineer (MCDE), Milestone CCTV Certified Integration Engineer (MCIE), and Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) certification, so you will be able to pass the exam test and have these certifications easly.

The courses of Milestone software included in this training provide knowledge of all Milestone xprotect components such as : management server, recording server, event server, mobile server, xprotect smart client , add-on…, so you will be able to use all these components.

If you’re a presales , seller, professional , or an installer who want to go on to gain the skills to understand, design, install, and configure Xprotect Milestone VMS, this course is for you


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