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Mindfulness Training For Coaches

Mindfulness Training For Coaches

Price: $89.99

​Whether business or personal life, mindfulness helps us to become aware of our tendency to live in the past or the future. Often missing out on the beauty that is around us in the present.

This training is geared for coaches and others client facing professionals who want to learn how to be more mindful in their own life and in their dealings with their clients. The course contains various mindfulness practices to assist in your journey to become more mindful.

You will learn:

  • ​How to live more in the present moment, allowing you to be fully present for your client,

  • ​Building a deeper and more understanding relationship. One that is conducive to creating deeper, more meaningful interactions with friends, family, partners, children and clients,

  • Various techniques and get a proper understanding of how and why they work. You can also come back to them over and over again as you work on your route to personal mastery,

  • How automatic behaviours affect how we do and what we do,

  • ​How is it that some people’s natural tendency is to shout and how to become aware of when it is happening,

  • ​Learn skills to help change that automatic behaviour to something that is more conducive to the situation and the outcome you want to achieve,

  • To release judgment,

  • And so much more

​You can use the skills you take away from this course in education, business coaching, therapy, coaching, sales, sports coaching, parenting etc.

There are various mindful meditations, poems and exercises to help you to integrate mindfulness in your daily life.

​​There is a full colour manual for you to download to help explain each section and the theory behind it.

​Thousands of people around the world have already learnt how to employ mindfulness into their lives. Now it is available to you in the comfort of your own home. The course is packed full of techniques and resources to assist you in becoming the best coach that you can be.

​​It is an incredible personal development course that will empower you in all areas of your life. It is a gift that you not only give yourself, but also all of the people that you interact with. As you learn how to get the best of the people you deal with. Not out of manipulation, but rather out of win- win interactions as you learn about your own values, and what is important to other people.

​On completion of the course you will have a deeper understanding of the core concepts of mindfulness and how to use it in your dealings with others.

So go ahead and join the mindful evolution. I look forward to sharing with you.


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