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Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits

Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits

Price: $109.99

“This is the best training course I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken quite a few of them.”
~ Rickey Benz (student)

Mini Habit Mastery: the world’s most popular and highest-rated video course on habit formation!

Mini Habit Mastery summarizes and expands upon the concepts of the international bestselling book, Mini Habits, which taught people (in 14 languages) the best and smartest strategy to form lifelong habits. Join over 8,000 students: learn why habits are the most important part of our lives, and precisely how to shape them to reach your goals.

Struggling to Change? Don’t Blame Yourself, Blame Your Strategy

Think about this: many people are still trying to change the same area of their life that they wanted to change years ago.

What’s the problem? Is it them? Are they unable to change?

No, the problem is that they’re using the same failing strategies each time—the strategies that fill most books, blogs, and courses which are supposed to help people change.

I’ve been there. I followed conventional advice and tried to motivate myself into change for 10 years; I tried to “want it more.” But it never worked; it never lasted because there are serious flaws with that strategy.

Mini Habit Mastery details a strategy so different from the norm that it will cause a paradigm shift in how you think about changing yourself. Since beginning my own mini habits, I’m in the best shape of my life, read 10x more books, and write 4x as many words!

I’m not just a passionate teacher of this concept, but its first beneficiary.

I have bought a lot of courses in Udemy, mostly about programming, but this is probably one of the best, if not the best I’ve bought here. I’m so glad I took a chance.
– Erick Sandoval (student)

What Will This Course Do For You?

Mini Habit Mastery will help you create good habits and remove bad habits. The strategies within it are based on cutting-edge neuroscience, and are completely different from traditional advice, which is ineffective. If you take this habit change course, you can expect your views on several important life concepts like motivation, willpower, and habit formation to change.

Starting and maintaining a mini habit is extremely easy to do; I’ll show you exactly why and how this concept works. For such a simple concept, there’s a wealth of science and logic to back it up, and we’ll explore all of it (in a fun way).

The varied presentation styles, especially the Science in Action segments, make this course more fun than many. The production quality is high. And the information is solid.
– Beth Ellen Nash (student)

Mini Habit Mastery Features A Fun, High-Quality Presentation Style

Look at the preview video to see the quality you can expect to find inside. This course features a lot of “bells and whistles” to keep you interested in this life-changing strategy. The problem with plain lecturing for an entire course is that it gets monotonous, and it also fails to cater to different learning types. Mini Habit Mastery is dynamic, with nearly a dozen different ways of teaching this important information.

This course is based on the acclaimed Mini Habits book. When Mini Habits started changing lives, people told their friends about it. That’s why Mini Habits has twice been the #1 best-selling non-fiction Kindle book in the USA; it has been the #1 selling self-help book in the USA, Canada, and South Korea.

I really enjoyed learning about mini habits and why they are so effective in helping us develop new “success muscles.” Little steps lead to bigger changes without trying. The fun teaching style kept me thoroughly engaged and laughing at the skits. Production quality was excellent.
– Halena Curran (student)

Course features

  • Based on Mini Habits, the acclaimed international bestselling habit book (14 languages, 120,000+ copies sold worldwide).

  • More than 3.5 hours of high-quality content, featuring: HD video, crisp audio, quality editing, “an edutaining course,” world-class content, and the smartest habit-formation strategy
  • Almost 100% video-based course: Video is unmatched in that it engages your visual and auditory senses to appeal to different learning styles
  • Several studies are “brought to life” for you: studies can be rather boring because of the torturous wording used in academic journals. But thankfully, they’re quite a bit more entertaining—and often quite funny—when acted out in front of you (starring Actress Laura Avnaim).
  • Real-life demonstrations of important concepts are also brought to life: motivation, willpower, small steps, and more are demonstrated in a visual, tangible way to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the material. Studies show that increasing the fun factor enhances learning.
  • This is nothing like any other course: other books and courses parrot back content you’ve heard 1,057 times. Not this one. If you’ve read my blog, Deep Existence, you know that I have a different approach to many things. For example, did you know that motivation is not needed to form habits? I base my conclusions on thoughtful application of scientific data with some personal experimentation for support.
  • This isn’t a course that promises a pipe dream: this is the exact way I changed my life after 10 years of failing with the traditional advice we hear! Read the reviews for the book or the course, or look at the stories at minihabits [dot] com to see hundreds of other people who have done the same.

Some instructors can throw together a course in a weekend (it seems). I worked on this course every single day for more than 7 months to perfect and polish it.

If ever a course deserves 5 stars, this one does.
– Thomas (student)

I am recommending this class to everybody I know! The instructors know their stuff and present it in such an engaging way it was pure pleasure to watch and learn. I have learned the most valuable self improvement method I have ever come across.
– Melanie Taylor (student)

I’ll be inside to answer any questions you may have as you take the course. There’s even more “under the hood” than this thorough course can communicate. What often happens when people encounter paradigm-shifting information? They have questions. I expect it, and I’ll be standing by with answers.

Join us. I look forward to seeing you inside!


Stephen Guise

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