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Mixed Reality for developers: Microsoft HoloLens (1st Gen.)

Mixed Reality for developers: Microsoft HoloLens (1st Gen.)

Price: $94.99

This crash course start with an overview of the definition of Mixed Reality and an introduction to Unity3D. It follows a guide to know features, specs, and limitation of Microsoft HoloLens headset. Then, the course guide you to use HoloLens for the first time and to build applications using Mixed Reality HoloTookit library.

Students will learn how to use Unity3D for creating Mixed Reality project, how to build their first applications using Gaze, Gestures, Spatial Mapping and Spatial Sound.

The HoloLens version used here is the 1st Generation (not HoloLens 2).


In case you never used HoloLens and you don’t know what Mixed Reality is, you’ll need to purchase another course we released that was meant to target a broader audience (also non-developers): Mixed Reality for beginners: Microsoft HoloLens (1st Gen.)

Also, students need to have a basic knowledge of software development.

Legal Notice

The copyright of this course – including each lesson, scripts, and material – belongs to the publisher. Is therefore legally forbidden any duplication of this course in Udemy, Youtube or any other platform, And any inappropriate usage of the lessons. It’s also forbidden any inappropriate behaviour in the reviews, that will be promptly reported to Udemy, according to Udemy Policy. For more information, please visit

About the Lecturer

The Lecturer is a Software Engineer professional with more than 4 years of working experiences in the field of Extended Reality that offered availability to create this course. She developed Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality projects, including on contract consultancy activities of extended reality projects. She recently received an upgrade to Project Management activities of Extended Reality projects.


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