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MS Project 2016

MS Project 2016

Price: $94.99

Course Content

  • Introduction of MS Project

  • Bars Explanation

  • Dynamic Ribbon Elements

  • Getting help

  • Toolbar Customization

  • Ribbon Customization

  • Timeline and Gantt Chart View

  • Resource Sheet and Resource Usage Explanation

  • Task Usage

  • Setting Properties for Project

  • Network Diagram View

  • Date Customization

  • Schedule Customization

  • Calendar Setting

  • Assigning Calendar to Task

  • Linking Task

  • Column Customization

  • Total Length of Project

  • Linking Task or Applying Relationship

  • Lag and Lead Time

  • Bars Customization

  • Identifying Critical Activities

  • Changing time scale

  • Print Setup

  • Using MS Excel in MS Project

  • Adding Indicator Column

  • Creating WBS, WBS Codes

  • Milestones

  • Constraints Explanation

  • Setting Deadlines

  • Working on Resource

  • Setting Up Currency, Costing Unit

  • Resource Assignment Units

  • Resource Dictionary

  • Task Types

  • Cost Controlling

  • Effort Driven Scheduling

  • Fixed Cost

  • Creating Curves

  • Table Customization

  • Grouping and Sorting, Filtering

  • Work Contour, Customizing View

  • Inserting Sub-Project

  • Recurring Task, Adding Notes

  • Tracking, Baseline, Updating Progress

  • Modifying Legends

  • Reports Customization


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