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MS System Center: Intro to Virtual Machine Manager

MS System Center: Intro to Virtual Machine Manager

Price: $89.99

This course is part of a series of System Center 2016 courses. The goal of this course is to teach System Center administrators to properly install, and manage, the System Center components needed to build a service fabric which is the foundation of a well-managed datacenter.

After completing this course you’ll be able to:

Getting Installed

The components of VMM Console

VMM Navigation Area

5 categories of components:

VMs and Services





Initial configuration tasks

Settings area components:


User Roles

Run As Accounts

Servicing Windows

Configuration Providers

System Center Settings

Console Add-ins

MS Azure Site Recovery

Using automation in VMM

The example of how to get Powershell code out of VMM console

Modifying VM properties with PS

Creating more complex script

Using jobs

Managing hardware via hardware management ports.

SMASH and IPMI protocols:

Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware and

Intelligent Platform Management Interface

Creating Physical Computer Profile

Adding a Hyper-V Host in Fabric


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