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MSTest Unit Testing Tutorial for beginners : C# Unit Testing

MSTest Unit Testing Tutorial for beginners : C# Unit Testing

Price: $44.99

What is the course about : This course is all about writing effective unit tests using C# programming language and MSTest framework. Along the way we will learn the concepts related to unit testing. Most organisations these days expect it’s employees to have unit testing skills, as unit testing is becoming more and more important for the quality of the software applications.

If you have reached this course by using any of the following terminology, you are at the right place, and you will become an expert in writing unit tests in just 4 hours.

  • Visual Studio unit testing tutorial
  • MSTest unit testing tutorial
  • Dot Net testing framework
  • C# unit test framework
  • Visual Studio unit testing framework tutorial
  • csharp unit testing tutorial

How long is the course : The course is around 4 hours. All are video lectures. You will be able to download all the slides and code samples used in the course.

What will we be covering : We will start with, what is a unit test and we will write our first unit test, followed by benefits of unit tests. and unit test naming conventions.

We will also cover running, debugging, auto generating unit tests, grouping unit tests in visual studio, unit test traits, filtering, playlists, code coverage in visual studio, unit testing exceptions, unit testing private methods, visual studio ordered test, visual studio generic test, unit testing assertions and running unit tests from command line

The following visual studio unit testing attributes are discussed with examples

  • TestClass attribute
  • TestMethod attribute
  • TestInitialize attribute
  • TestCleanup attribute
  • ClassInitialize attribute
  • ClassCleanup attribute
  • AssemblyInitialize attribute
  • AssemblyCleanup attribute
  • TimeOut attribute
  • Ignore attribute

We also discuss the following concepts related to advanced unit testing with examples

  • What is TestContext
  • Visual Studio data driven unit tests
  • What is test driven development TDD
  • Benefits of TDD


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