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Navigating Office Politics: Get What You Want at Work

Navigating Office Politics: Get What You Want at Work

Price: $89.99

Office politics. The very phrase typically garners a visceral reaction, everything from a subtle tensing of the shoulders to an eye roll, to an outspoken declaration that they will NEVER engage in political wrangling.

Here’s the bad news: Office politics is not something you can opt out of. You are in it whether you like it or not. The good news is that if you choose to engage in it, office politics can be navigated in a way that is ethical and above board. Even better, when you learn to play the game, you can become a change agent in your organization.

At its core, the workplace is a social environment. Learning to thrive in that environment is contingent on building effective working relationships so that you can excerpt influence across your organization, regardless of where you happen to rank on the organizational chart. That’s what this course will teach you.


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