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Network Automation & Programmability  Foundations

Network Automation & Programmability Foundations

Price: $79.99

This course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and platforms that are involved with network automation and programmability, focused primarily on Cisco’s approach and solution.

Starting with an overview of the traditional methods of network management (and their challenges) we’ll then progress through such topics as the

  • Goals of Network Automation

  • Common languages & tools and protocols used for automation

  • SDN -Software Defined Networking

    SDN Models – Architecture –

  • The imperative and declarative approaches to SDN implementations

  • How SDN provides the ability to separate the Control Plane from the Data Plane,

  • Cisco Devnet -SANDBOX for lab practice

  • Introduction to Cisco’s DNA Center solution,

  • introduction to APIs with emphasis placed on REST APIs,

  • overviews of Ansible, Chef, and Puppet

  • JSON Data Encoding Format


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