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Networking Effectively in the New Digital Age

Networking Effectively in the New Digital Age

Price: $39.99

Effective Networking teaches the principles of successful networking for business purposes. The course explains the benefits of having a strong network and how to get one, as well as maintaining it over time. Participants will learn about networking events and how to behave to be as effective as possible.

Everyone knows that networking is important to long-term business success. The networking process itself, however, can be confusing. Learning effective networking techniques will help you develop relationships that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

In this course you will discover the characteristics and behavior patterns of effective networkers. You will learn about the importance of networking, how to manage your network, overcome common obstacles, and the dos and don’ts of effective networking.

The term “networking” is frequently tossed around the business world. It is easy to talk about networking, but implementing it is another matter, particularly when you have to go beyond the confines of the workplace. Fortunately, you will improve your networking skills when you create a solid network and position yourself for success. Networking outside of your company takes time and energy, but the reward is certainly worth the effort.

A network is the connection between many people that interact to gain benefits – either socially or for professional purposes. People with strong networks were found to have a higher job security, better job performance, and more business opportunities. Taking this course will also teach how to become likeable based on scientific findings.


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