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Networking Skills for Today’s Business Leader

Networking Skills for Today’s Business Leader

Price: $24.99

There is nothing more important to successful career management than effective networking skills. You have a great pitch and know how to run a networking meeting – now how do you find people with whom to network? How do you identify and bring people into your network that will be the most valuable to you in your career?

This course covers the following pillars of success in building the network you need: how to be memorable, networking and building your network with those with vested interest in your success, moving networking on-line, and building off your networking meetings.

If you would like Continuing Education Credit (e.g. CPE, CE, CPD, etc.) for this course, it is available if you take this course on the Illumeo dot com platform under course title: Expanding Your Business Reach: Networking Skills for Today’s CFO. Illumeo is certified to provide CPE in over two dozen different professional certifications covering finance, accounting, treasury, internal audit, HR, and more. However, in order to receive CPE credit the courses must be taken on an ‘approved-by-the-governing-body’ CPE platform, and for over two dozen corporate professional certifications, that is the Illumeo platform. Go to Illumeo dot com to learn more.


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