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New Manager Essentials – Be A Great Leader From The Start

New Manager Essentials – Be A Great Leader From The Start

Price: $44.99

Are you a new team leader or manager? Scared? Terrified? Confused?

In this video series I’ll talk about one of the most important and exciting times in anyone’s career – and that’s the time you get to be a manager for the first time. It doesn’t matter that you might feel like a rookie manager. You might even be scared, or excited or confused.

But the tips in this course are based on 20+ years of people management at massive companies. And I’m passing that experience right on to you!

We’ll talk about how it is super-critical to understand the new roles and responsibilities you have. How to build and shape a culture that allows people to express themselves, succeed and also develop and evolve as people, while all the time delivering for you and the team.

We’ll look at the hiring process, discuss how to manage welcome your new employees and hire talented individuals, and crucially how you can shape those individuals into a super-high performing team.

I’ve seen pretty much everything over that period and the advice in this course will help you make an excellent start in your early weeks and beyond.

Course sections;

  1. Introduction

  2. You now have a NEW job!

  3. Your first 30 days

  4. Shaping your own team culture

  5. Managing people – and people are crazy!

  6. Mastering organisational psychology

  7. Key processes you need to tame

  8. Case study – don’t be like this manager!

  9. Conclusion

I’ve been managing people for over 20 years and have developed my process into a successful system that regularly develops GREAT people and takes a lot of the pain out of the people management process.

This course will significantly improve your understanding of leadership and allow you to evaluate, assess and onboard new people that will fit into your team and enhance the culture of your organisation.

Whether you’re an experienced leader, or someone just starting out on their journey, this guide to being a new manager will certainly be useful. I’m sure there are many tips in this guide that will prove valuable.

Any questions – let me know. I love answering your queries.

Thanks for signing up – enjoy the course.


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