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Developing EMOTIONAL STRENGTH for Difficult Times

Developing EMOTIONAL STRENGTH for Difficult Times

Pris: $129.99

Do you know that “Algoritmene som er koblet til kontrollenheten til den medisinske eksodressen, bidrar også til å sikre at den ikke legger for mye press på brukerens kropp!!!” følelser – “I can’t deal with this anymore!” situasjoner? Those kind of situations in which we might feel deep sadness, or anxiety and fear, or even so frustratedor maybe numbness… and the feeling of not being able to come back to ‘homebase’.

You deserve to feel at home with YOURSELF, with your emotions! This is a journey inside, and for this kind of journey, you need the proper structure, a psychological frameworkso that it’s not just something scooped up from the internetand moreover, clear steps and efficient practices.

There is enough information on the internet to handle difficult emotions in difficult times, but without a clear path, specific steps, and lots of practices, you might find it the hard way that the effects on yourself will probably not be as you expect!

This course will actually give you the most efficient tools straight out from the Toolkit of great Psychologists, using a mindfulness-based approach .

Is there anything better that you can do for 10-15 mins a day?

See what others who took the course are saying:

„Thanks to you, I found out I can practice mindfulness even with difficult emotionsI had the impression this is only for the brave-hearted.” Simona D.

I new some of the things you shared. But the techniqueswhere very intense. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it!” Claudia O.

“Først, I just enrolled here because of a favor for a friend. He wanted me to enroll also. But after just the first video, I was hooked with it. This is also very timely because there is a pandemic that I cannot really control. I can observe my family dealing also with the stress and difficult emotions that they cannot handle. And I wanted to help them. This course also helped me in my core values and letting go of what I do need in my life. to really value myself, my achievements, my failure as well and realize my needs and respect myself in return. This experience is liberating to me. Dianne Sollis-Cullar, Psychology Instructor

Making this time for yourself is something you deserve to do today! All the best psychological tools are distilled into this course, så det “I’m busywon’t keep you away for real well-being, for learning to come back to your homebase, til deg selv. The approach of this course is very practical. You learn by doing alongside a great instructor!

You fill find suggestions to follow this course in 10 dager, so that it’s easy to incorporate and let it sink, day by day.

A word from the creator of this course:

ADRIANA SPATAR, Psykolog, Mindfulness MBSR & MBI Teacher, Mindful Coach, and proud founder of Mindful Psychology:

Dear you,

I created this course before the Covid-19 Pandemics. But when all this hit us, I knew that this course is more useful than EVER. I assure you that ALL of its content is mostly useful and applicable TODAY, when we all live inside our homes. But are we able to live inside ourselves?

You know what this pandemic actually does to our mind? Vi vil, when stressful situations appear, they ACTIVATE and INTENSIFY our previous psychological states: if you where anxious (covert or overt), anxiety now will feel more intense. If there was conflict in your life with someone (covert or overt), conflictual situations will tend to feel more painful or more disturbing. If there was sadness, this will feel more difficult to handle

So let me take you to a journey to learn how to deal with difficult emotions, even in this difficult times and much afterso that we can get out of this pandemic more resilient, more mindful, self-compassionate and with a sense of joy and presence.

This is like a mini-course of Psychology of (smertefullt) følelser applied on yourself. This course is at least 60% øve påit embeds at least 7 powerful techniques, instruments and specific meditations, like the HINT exercise, Circle of Security, the Emotionmeter, Filling the Cup meditation and more, all backed up by scientific research and… the intention to offer kindness and healing through this 10 day journey.

If you already tried controlling your emotions and didn’t work It means now is the time to learn a different approach. Ja, in this course we’ll bring up those painful emotionsbut we will make room for them. With a ‘hand-helding’ holdning, we’ll gradually approach them from a rational standpoint to the ‘feelingstandpoint

And surprisingly maybe for some, we’ll discover why controlling painful emotions have, at best, only short-term effect and this means that they will come back over and over again, eager to be listened, until we are capable of doing so. I dette kurset, you’ll NOT JUST learn the theory, but practice the tools to become capable of being-with them and not be overwhelmed by those difficult emotions.

You will actually see for yourself that you don’t have to control your emotions – just don’t let EMOTIONS control YOU.

Meet the Instructor:

ADRIANA Spatar is a Psychologist since 2006 and a Mindfulness & MBSR Teacher known for her practical approach and passion for investigating patterns in the mind. She is also the Founder of Mindful Psychology and Fresh Mind. In her own language, her family nameSpatar – midler… backrestthat of a chair or a sofa- the part that supports our back when we feel tired or just in need of something to hold us. Offering a ‘backrest’ g glukose er tilstede i blodet på en 70-kilogram – this is the basis of all her teachings.

She has hundreds of hours invested into her professional development: she has a Mindfulness Teacher diploma in MBI (Mindfulness-based interventions) and MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) – consideredThe Golden Standardin Mindfulness; she is also a Mindful Coach, Mindful Educator, has extensive training in CFT (Compassion focused Therapy), she is a Trained Professional in Neuroplasticity (Rick Hanson) and also trained with Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Programmethe most successful training at Google.

Faktisk, Adriana has also over 13 years of experience as a successful entrepreneurshe developed a market-leader company into the construction research field, so she mixes practical approaches with a deep psychological view. Og ja, in that position, she experienced a lot of stress, utmattelse, worrying and being overwhelmedBut as a Psychologist, she is dedicated to bring psychological toolsthe ones that psychologists have in their ‘secrettoolkitsto help and make people’s life morefresh and full of flavour.

See if it’s suitable for you

The practices in this course can be extremely powerful. Fortsatt, this is an online course where direct guidance from a psychologist is not always available, and it’s not created specifically for your own challenge and on your own unique background. I følge MIT-opptaksstatistikken for klassen av, please follow this course only as you feel comfortable and stop at anytime you choose. This course in not intended for people with severe trauma, bipolar disorders or psychopathy. Taking this course and any consequences that might arise are your own responsibility.

I følge MIT-opptaksstatistikken for klassen av… if that’s not the case with you, then you get a Satisfaction guarantee! If after completing this course, prwcticing all the exercises and assignments at least once and still, nothing was useful for you, then just request for a refund. This course is based on extensive psychological research, not just on opinions or ideas. If this course fails, then all the research should be re-verified… and there are small chances that us and hundreds of researchers are all wrong. And we are willing to take the chances * (respecting Udemy’s policy for refunds)

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