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Novel bootcamp; imagine, plan and start writing that book!

Novel bootcamp; imagine, plan and start writing that book!

Price: $49.99

Have you always wanted to write that novel but aren’t sure exactly where to start? Do you have a bunch of ideas but you’re not sure whether they’ll work? Or maybe you’ve written a novel or two but are suddenly finding yourself stuck. Then this course is for you.

With lectures to help you with your creative writing techniques, your writing process, as well as editing and polishing your work, prize winning author Nicola Valentine takes you through all the stages of novel writing, helps you get started and do lots of work towards your finished book. Take this course and work step by step through the process of writing your first novel and get lots of guidance and help along the way.

Learn how creative writers develop ideas and build the impetus to write a novel. Grow, build or design your novel; it’s up to you which method you choose. Explore your characters, setting and plot with creative writing exercises designed to guide and inspire you. Learn how bestselling and prize winning authors work with ideas, and how ideas become novels over the fullness of time. Find ways into creative writing that will leave you desperate to start the first chapters, and give you the drive to finish writing the book. Learn about working with drafts and editing, as well as some tricks in MS Word to help you edit your writing. And NEW this November; a bonus section of Write Channel videos about publishing.

This course includes:

  • Nearly three hours of video lectures on creative writing

  • Downloadable creative writing resources and handouts

  • Regular creative writing exercises and assignments that build on one another, with the chance to post your writing and get feedback

  • Guidance on how to write great dialogue, and on story structure

  • Advice about getting published, or publishing yourself, as well as what to do once your work is out there

This course will get you well on the path to writing your first book and help you find a novel writing process that works for you. With full 30 day money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

So enrol now and get started on your novel writing journey!


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