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Okta – From Zero to Hero

Okta – From Zero to Hero

Price: $29.99

Hi! I am an Okta Certified Consultant and I have carefully designed this course for you to get to know the aspects of Okta in a simple and pleasant manner.

Course is intended for anyone out there working with Okta or simply interested in this field. You frankly don’t need much previous information to get started and learn what I am presenting here.

For you to understand who am I and how I teach – I put two lessons free to preview. Lecture titled “Who am I” – section 1 and lecture “Org2Org” – section 8.

Also, I have a truly ‘human’ approach and you’ll see that I’ll face errors as well in this course, but I am finding a solution to overcome them successfully, on the spot. I hope that this course will inspire you more into staying calm and collected when facing technical issues. With some basic best-practices you will get them resolved. This Okta Guide is intended to mimic reality and my aim is to show you that anyone can make mistakes, but also that anyone can overcome them; this is not a course where everything works for me, but not for you. No, I give you this pleasant pragmatic approach on the situation. Hop on this ride with me and let me present this to you.

Interested in certifications?

  • Okta Certified Professional – You may get this one if you follow each aspect of this course and attribute all the info to yourself.

  • Okta Certified Administrator – You may take this one by doing the aforementioned, also not skipping, but studying each document / KB article I attached this course

  • Okta Certified Consultant – This is achievable, but it’s up to you paying close attention to logic and details – also, I recommend you to study the Okta OIDC articles on their Support page, Inbound SAML (Org2Org would be fine as well here) and know OktaEL (Okta Expression Language) by heart to get this one. If you already have the Admin Certificate, I can guarantee you will still find a lot of new info throughout this course!

*ATTENTION* – Course DOES apply for those using the new feature, “Admin Experience Redesign” (where Okta changed the GUI of Admin Panel; if you want the change to reflect on End-User side as well, you have the feature ‘New End User Experience’ for End-User panels), as it mostly changed font and colors, along with the location of main menu (top -> left side). You can follow this course very well on the new GUI design as paths towards options are still there.

You’ll get to see:

  1. More than 10 hours of hands-on training;

  2. ~90 different links to Okta docs and not only and files I attached that will furthermore detail my presentations;

  3. Step-by-step practice exercises;

  4. Some lengthy lectures (to treat almost every aspect of a specific situation), yes, but full of explanations to set you on the right track.

You will:

  • Learn the features in the Okta Admin Panel and in End-User’s one;

  • Create your own Users;

  • Add your own Applications and learn how to assign them in various ways;

  • Study Okta Groups, App-Groups and Okta Group Rules;

  • Create and understand the Policies (Sign On, MFA, Password Policies);

  • Develop a strong knowledge about Attribute Mappings, Single Sign-On and Provisioning configurations

  • Run Okta APIs – learn about Software like Postman;

  • Work with SysLog and understand its concepts;

  • Integrate Org2Org implementations;

  • Understand IWA;

  • Even get to work with Python and Okta APIs through it;

  • Understand how to troubleshoot Okta and get my recommendations and best practices;

  • Have a recap about Networking as a bonus lecture.


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