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OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage)

OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage)

Price: $19.99

Contents….19 VDO Totally.

1. CX- Programmer Usage.

1.1 Creating a new project (8 lessons)

– Create a new project.

– Symbol & Comment.

– Local symbol & Global symbol.

– Rung comment & Section program comment.

– Text color & Size setting.

– PLC Simulation.

– Create a function block.

– Cycle time, Program capacity & Clock setting.

1.2 Go online & Debugging (8 lessons)

– PLC Upload & Download.

– Backup data memory(DM)

– Debugging program.

– Import/Export PLC symbols and comments.

– PLC Data trace.

– Time chart monitoring.

– Programs comparison(Offline)

– Programs comparison with PLC(Online)

1.3 Program protection & Password (3 lessons)

– UM read protect & Password.

– Task read protect & Password.

– Function block protect & password.

By Akapol Sahapattanawana


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