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OPERA PMS : Mastering Hotel Profile Management

OPERA PMS : Mastering Hotel Profile Management

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Price: $49.99

Mastering Hotel Profile Management (Basic-Advanced) is a course designed for learning how to manage the six different kinds of profile types. This course contains lessons on searching for and creating an OPERA profile. You will also learn how to add and manage profile preferences in addition to creating and managing profile notes.

You will learn about this basic profile management:

  1. Profile Search

  2. Create Individual Profile

  3. Profile Fields

  4. Additional Profiles

  5. Profile Changes

  6. Profile Preferences

  7. Profile Notes

This course also designed for learning how to view profile history information, access stay information and revenue screens. This course contains lessons on merging duplicate profiles, managing negotiated rates, and creating relationships between profiles. You will also learn how to view additional profile statistics.

You will learn about this advanced profile management:

  1. Profile History

  2. Merge Profiles

  3. Advanced Merge Profile

  4. Negotiated Rates

  5. Profile Relationships

  6. Profile – More Fields

  7. Profile – Stats and Info

Course Mastering Hotel Profile Management (Basic-Advanced) will have 3 section to make you learning more easily and not wasting your time because you can absorb the material quickly and efficient without making you confused

Below are the course structure:

Section 1 : Basic Hotel Profile Management

· Profile Search

· Individual Profile

· Individual Profile Options

Section 2 : Advanced Hotel Profile Management

· Company Profile

· Company Profile Options

· Travel Agent Profile

· Source and Group Profile

Section 3 : Knowledge Check

· Review

· Final Quiz

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