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Oracle 1Z0-208 Review Billing Revenue Management Server Exam

Oracle 1Z0-208 Review Billing Revenue Management Server Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample questions

Q) Which of the following describes error object level architecture Portal?

a) This level also can call the Data Manager

b) A level of object can be used with multiple levels of data

c) This group is used to translate data from the portal in formats that can be processed by the data level

d) This level treats all applications from business process level

e) This level can also be called Translation Manager

Q) All Portal opcodes defined in ___________________ file. A code corresponding to a ___________________ operation. To write code to implement the new opcode, you can use the file as a template ___________________.

a) ops.h, function, fm_generic_ops.c

b) pcm_ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c

c) ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c

d) pcm_ops.h, programs, fm_generic_ops.c

e) ops.h, programs, fm_generic_ops.c

Q) Which of the following best describes the function dm_if_process_op CORRECT ()?

a) This is an operation code base CM

b) The function includes custom implementation of basic operation codes

c) The functionality of this feature is specific to the external system

d) A and C

e) A, B, and C

Q) Which of the following is an example of an event in the Portal?

a) Making a phone call

b) Buying a product

c) Rolling unused free minutes

d) A and B

e) A, B, and C


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