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Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management Tuning 1z0-064

Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management Tuning 1z0-064

Price: $24.99

Basic Tuning Diagnostics

  • Describe the time model

  • Explain wait events

  • Diagnose performance problems using V$ views

Using Automatic Workload Repository

  • Analyze database performance using AWR reports

Using Metrics and Alerts

  • Monitor performance using metric thresholds and alerts

Using Baselines

  • Use AWR baselines to monitor performance

Using AWR-Based Tools

  • Diagnose performance issues using ADDM

  • Diagnose performance issues using ASH reports

Monitoring Real-Time Database Operation

  • Implement Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring

Monitoring Applications

  • Configure and use services to monitor database performance

Identifying Problem SQL Statements

  • Interpret execution plans

  • Use formatted output of SQL Trace or the optimizer trace to identify poorly performing SQL statements

Influencing the Optimizer

  • Explain how statistics influence the optimizer

  • Configure parameters to influence the optimizer

Reducing the Cost of SQL Operations

  • Use Automatic Segment Space Management to optimize space management

  • Use table compression

  • Diagnose and tune space related issues

Using SQL Performance Analyzer

  • Use SQL Performance Analyzer to test the impact of database changes

SQL Performance Management

  • Manage optimizer statistics

  • Use SQL Profiles and Advisors to tune SQL statements

  • Use SQL Plan Management to tune SQL statements

Using Database Replay

  • Use Database Replay to check impact of system change on performance

Tuning the Shared Pool

  • Diagnose and resolve hard and soft parsing problems

  • Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to the shared pool

Tuning the Buffer Cache

  • Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to the buffer cache

Tuning PGA and Temporary Space

  • Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to PGA

  • Diagnose and resolve performance issues related to temporary tablespace

Using Automatic Memory

  • Use and tune Automatic Shared Memory Management

  • Use and tune Automatic Memory Management

Tuning I/O

  • Diagnose database I/O issues

  • Configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for maximum availability

Using the Database Resource Manager

  • Understand and configure the Database Resource Manager


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