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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Human Capital Management

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Human Capital Management

Price: $19.99

[New] Exam Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Human Capital Management Essentials Updates 2021

Welecom in this course for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Human Capital Management Essentials 1Z0-548

1Z0-548 exam is for members of the Oracle Partner Network who are focused on selling and implementing Financial Management modules. The exam is focused towards the intermediate-level implementation team member. In this exam you will gain the skills necessary to set up and use Oracle Receivables to manage receivables processing, as well as manage parties and customer accounts, process invoices using Auto-Invoice, enter and complete invoices and perform other relevant invoice actions.

Review exam topics

Core HR: Work Structures

  • Define Organization Hierarchy and Classifications

  • Define Position Hierarchy and Position Control

  • Define Job & Job groups

  • Define Grade Structure: Grade Range / Grade Steps and Point

  • Create and Maintain Career Management: Competencies, Qualification Types, Schools & Colleges

  • Setup & Maintain Checklists

  • Manage Documents

Core HR: Workforce Management

  • Apply User & System for Person Types & Assignment Status

  • Manage Employee & Assignment Data – New Hire, Promotion, Transfer, Termination

  • Manage Other Employee Data – Contracts, Qualifications, Medical Assessments

  • Manage Salary ( Salary Basis )

  • Use Person DFF, Assignment DFF

  • Use Global Deployment

Core HR: Recruitment

  • Create and Maintain Requisitions and Vacancies

  • Maintain Applicant Data: Hiring, canceling an Applicant

Core HR: Absence Management

  • Configure Absence-related Elements & Links

  • Configure Accrual Plan, Absence Types

  • Use Accrual Fast Formulas

Core HR: Others

  • Explain Date Track History Feature

  • Use HR Security Profile

  • Configure Key Flex Fields

  • Use User Defined Tables

  • Use Lookups

  • Configure SIT & EIT

  • Use Forms Configuration & Define Task Flow Use Important HRMS Profiles

  • Explain Project Accounting with Core HR

  • Create and Maintain Functions, Menus

Self Service HR

  • Personalize SSHR

  • Configure Oracle Approvals Management (AME)

  • Explain Functionality of Termination, Absence Management, Change Assignment


  • Explain Processes Fundamentals: Payroll Run, Pre-Payment, Payment, Costing & Transfer to GL

  • Explain Fundamentals of Retro Pay Process & Retro Element Configurations

  • Explain Costing Fundamentals

  • Set up Elements Definition & Links

  • Use Assignment & Element Set

  • View Payroll & Assignment Process Results

  • Explain Basics of Fast Formula & Element Run Results

  • Use Balances & Dimensions

  • Use Batch Element Entry (BEE)

  • Explain Integration of Payroll with GL, Cash Management & Accounts Payable

Compensation Workbench

  • Create and Maintain Plans Definition, Types & Years

  • Explain Plan Enrollment Requirements

  • Define and Use Standard Rates

  • Define Life Events

  • Define Eligibility Profiles

  • Explain Total Compensation Statement

  • Use Compensation Workbench for Managers & Administrators

  • Use Profile Options for CWB

  • Perform Budgeting

  • Manage Promotion and Rating

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