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Oracle Fusion HCM – Absence Management

Oracle Fusion HCM – Absence Management

Price: $19.99

This course covers the following topics:

· Manage Derived Factors

· Manage Eligibility Profiles

· Repeating Time Periods

· Manage Absence Management Lookups

· Manage Absence Management Descriptive Flex Fields

· Fast Formulas in Absence Management

· Manage Absence Reasons

· Absence Plans Overview

· Absence Plan Types

· Accrual Plans Overview

· Defining Accruals

· Accrual Plan Attributes

· Accrual Plan Limits

· Accrual Plan Matrix

· Accrual Rates

· Absence Plans and Payroll

· Absence Type Overview

· Rate Definitions and Formulas

· Absence Pattern and Features

· Absence Category

· Absence Certifications

· Accrual Plan Entries and Balances

· Managing Absence Records and Entitlements

· Absence Recording Overview

· Absence Administration Work Area Overview

· Schedule and Record Absences Overview

· Absence entry by HR Specialist

· Absence entry by Manager

· Absence entry by Employee

· Absence Approvals

· Scheduling and Monitoring Absence Processes


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